Seattle Pest Control Company Shares 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional

From the Biblical plagues of Egypt to the notorious Black Death of Europe, pests have been ravaging mankind for thousands of years, leaving economic destruction, pestilence and even death in their wake. Today, we are still in the midst of an age-old war against an ancient nemesis right here in Seattle as we continuously find ways to ward of ants, termites, cockroaches and their kind away from our lives and way of living. From the [...]

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Spring Pests in Seattle to Watch Out For in Seattle & Everett

As the spring season returns, you can finally let the spring breeze enter your home and remove the musty winter air inside. However, you must be ready for pests that thrive in this warm temperature. Here are the more common pests to watch out for spring. Ants Nearly all people in Seattle have to deal with annoying ants at some point or another. Ants invade your home, especially in your kitchen, to search for water [...]

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Pests to Watch Out for This Winter in Seattle & Everett

Winter is fast approaching, and with it will be bringing cooler temperatures. Most of us want to stay in our homes during these months and pests that live outside don't differ in that regard. Although many animals hibernate during winter time, many others look for shelter in our Seattle area homes. In preparation for the coming cold weather, you should not neglect pest defense. Not paying attention to pest control can lead to an influx [...]

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Seattle Rodents

Seattle is Suffering an Infestation of Rodents As developments in Seattle continue to boom, infestations of rodents have also increased. Specifically, rats. With the damp weather coupled with easy access to garbage, water, and a number of hiding places, Seattle has become the perfect environment for rats to live and breed. As a result, Seattle has been labeled one of the top “rattiest” cities in the entire country. The rodent population is so huge that [...]

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How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Dust mites, a close relative to spiders, are small, eight-legged arachnids that are about a fourth of a millimeter in size making them virtually invisible to the naked eye. The majority of their life is spent feeding, making waste, and reproducing in great numbers. In fact, a full grown female dust mite can lay up to 100 eggs throughout her lifetime, with each mite capable of producing about as much as 20 waste pellets a [...]

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Seattle’s History – Historical Photography – Seattle WA

Eagle Pest Eliminators is happy to share a trip down Seattle’s memory lane and our collection of fascinating historical photography. Eagle Pest Eliminators love's our city: it’s past, present and future. At EaglePest, we want to do everything we can do to help preserve our great Seattle heritage. It’s actually one of many reasons we choose to exterminate pests that threaten to destroy buildings. It’s also why we’ve started this unique Pinterest board. Our historical [...]

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Seattle and Everett Pest Control: Ant Identification and Green Pest Control

When ants become a nuisance a.k.a. pest to a home or business, identification is the key to a successful eradication program. Identification will ultimately determine the control measures and strategies required to be effective in controlling ant colonies. Wrong identification yields wrong results and usually leads to colony increases. Identification is critical because it will reveal the environmental conditions conducive to the variety of ant that has become a pest. According to (, the Seattle/Everett [...]

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Pest and Rodent Control: Securing Your Seattle Area Home From Rats

Welcome to our first blog post here at We want to use this new space, primarily to give people in the Seattle and Everett area, a place to find tips about how to best secure a Seattle or Everett property from unwanted pests. We hope to also help keep readers informed about some of the preventative maintenance steps you can take to keep your house safe. Before sharing our first topic, we should also [...]

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Do you have bed bugs? Seattle & Everett Pest Control

Thinking about trying to treat bed bug infestation on your own? Before you do, please take a moment to consider the information in this blog post including an CNN article about bed bug “bombs” for which we have provided the following link. On a more personal note, I recently treated an apartment unit in Seattle where the residents had used bed bug “bombs” to try and rid them from their bed bug infestation. The [...]

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