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Can Seattle Pest Control Services Save You Money?

DIY pest control vs professional pest control company Eagle Pest Eliminators

Eagle Pest Eliminators

Pest control in Seattle is a major issue. Even when residents take maximum precautions to preserve cleanliness, pests still tend to show up somehow. As time passes by more pests may begin to appear.

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, whether it’s organizing or sanitizing, there will still be pests that continue to make their home in your Seattle home or business.

And yes, your Seattle home or business can be infested with more than one pest at a time!

People often feel that pest infestations are beyond their control and that the pests always seem to win.

No matter how unpleasant the task of pest control is for Seattle homeowners and Seattle business owners, pest control is a task most will have to tackle at some point.

There is a very long list of rodents and insects that are indigenous to Washington’s Puget Sound area, and most all can cause health problems and/or damage to property. In fact, pests can oftentimes be linked as the root cause of health problems either at home or in the office.

So clearly the pests need to be dealt with, but just how can you go about it without breaking the piggy bank? Or if your pest situation is dire, without breaking your bank account?

With so many different options for pest control, the decision is anything but easy. DIY can be ever so tempting for many people. However, you may quickly discover that DIY methods of pest and rodent control to be beyond your capabilities.

So, why take the chance with your property and your life just to save a little bit of money? We’ll show you how trying to make small savings by DIY can be a mistake, and why in the end, it’s better to leave the task of “pest control” to a trusted Seattle Exterminator.

How Much Does Seattle Area Pest Control Cost?

Answer: Much less than you might think. In fact, you might actually end up spending more money trying to fix the pest problems yourself than if you’d just hired a professional exterminator.

Sometimes you need more than the products that are generally available in the store, and the type of pest control products that the pest control professionals have access to will be necessary.

If chemicals are the best solution for the extermination of your household pests, a true pest control professional native to Seattle will know the correct amounts to use for any given situation, thus saving you from wasting time and money buying excessive amounts of chemicals.

The main issue with DIY pest control products is that they often require multiple treatments to be effective and the average person doesn’t know the right amounts to administer for maximum effectiveness, safety, and cost-efficiency.

For example, if you have roaches crawling all over your walls, couches, and bed, then it might be cheaper to hire professionals to diagnose and fix the problem rather than going to the store every week to buy roach killer.

What Can Rodents Teach Us About Pest Control?

Now let’s talk about your health. Arguably we should’ve mentioned this aspect first because your life is truly priceless. And make no mistake about it, pests often carry life threatening diseases.

Take rodents for example. There’s almost no way for most people to totally prevent them from getting in. They can enter through cracks in the building or simply just burrow their way in.

Obviously, these creatures can spread diseases but they can also destroy your building from the inside by gnawing on everything. Even their droppings can cause serious problems for allergy sufferers.

If you have a rodent infestation, then rodent control is of the utmost importance, because they can multiply faster than you can Google “pest control in Seattle.”

Here’s the takeaway: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Oftentimes, drastic situations call for drastic measures. But why be the one taking those drastic actions? Let those qualified to handle it, handle it. Companies like ours know how to prepare your house for the safe use of chemicals in order to keep you and your family safe. We also have advanced equipment and products to kill the pests.

Bottom line: trying to control pests yourself, could end up costing you far more than the price of pest control services in Seattle.

Why Pest Control Is Like Life Insurance

As you can see, protecting your health is a big reason to not take the gamble with DIY solutions.

You don’t have to wait until you’re on the brink before choosing the right exterminator for your best pest control solution. For example, Eagle Pest Eliminators, will not only identify the pests and eliminate them, but we’ll also identify the cause of the pest infestation and shut it down. This way we can address the root of the problem rather than just the surface.

We hope that the information we have shared in this article gives you a better understanding of what to consider before deciding which path to take in solving your pest or rodent problem. Prevention is key to getting long term control over your environment and thus not allowing the pests to win. You’ll also save loads of money in the long run when preventing pests from getting into your home or business.

Another example would be termites. These quiet little home wreckers can start feeding on the lumber in your home. Flooring can fall through, walls can crumble, and decks can collapse. And the worst part is, when you finally notice the damage, it will already be too late and salvaging the situation could be very costly.

So, now do you see why a steady routine of preventative pest control treatment is so important?

You should get a “check-up” for your home at least twice every year. Therefore, a long-term pest control contract works best.

For fast and effective results, you’ll do no better than Eagle Pest Eliminators. Just ask one of our many happy customers who have left their reviews on Google, Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Yelp.

If you’re ready to take care of any pest problems once and for all, then give us a call. We’ll be happy to help and you’ll be glad we did!

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