Seattle’s History – Historical Photography – Seattle WA

Seattle’s History – Historical Photography – Seattle WA

Eagle Pest Eliminators is happy to share a trip down Seattle’s memory lane and our collection of fascinating historical photography.

Eagle Pest Eliminators love’s our city: it’s past, present and future. At EaglePest, we want to do everything we can do to help preserve our great Seattle heritage. It’s actually one of many reasons we choose to exterminate pests that threaten to destroy buildings. It’s also why we’ve started this unique Pinterest board. Our historical photography Pinterest board is dedicated to providing students, historians, Seattle residents or anyone else a place where one can find amazing historical photos of what Seattle used to look like.

Our Pinterest board has it all. Whether you want to see what Seattle’s downtown 2nd street used to look like 100 years ago, or see the Space Needle during construction, EaglePest hopes that you will find the collection fascinating. You’ll also find pictures of the Smith Tower, Pioneer Square, Seattle fire, Pike Place, and the Seattle World’s Fair.

Young or old, natives or Seattle newcomers, please join Eagle Pest Eliminators, as we take you on a trip down Seattle’s memory lane. If you love Seattle as much as we do, you won’t regret it. And if you have a historical picture of Seattle, please get in touch to get it pinned!

Please enjoy the tour and we will be here when ever you need an authority in Seattle residential and commercial pest control solutions.

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