Seattle Exterminator

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Leading area exterminator, and provider of best pest control in Seattle and Everett takes a closer look at "green pest control". Eagle Pest Eliminators  EPE has also shared some green pest control DIY solutions that you can do yourself. But first, answer to a common question. Why is it that Seattle Pest Control and Everett Pest Control are mentioned more than other Puget Sound areas?  After all, these areas are also located in the EPE [...]

Green Pest Control

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Green pest control refers to the practice of managing and eliminating pests in a manner that minimizes harm to the environment, human health, and non-target organisms. It involves the use of environmentally friendly methods and products to control pests, rather than relying solely on conventional chemical pesticides. The goal of green pest control is to strike a balance between effective pest management and reducing the negative impacts associated with traditional pest control methods. One [...]

Seattle Pest Control Company Explains When to Call A Professional Exterminator

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When should you consider contacting a Seattle or Everett Pest Control professional like Eagle Pest Eliminators (EPE)? First, let’s take a closer look at the problems that Seattle pests and rodents can cause and what you can do about them. Having pests in your Seattle or Everett home or business is always a problem, and often goes far deeper than you might first realize. Many people want to be able to take care of these types [...]

Seattle Pest Control Company – Talks About Bed Bug Myths

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As Seattle's leading exterminator that focuses on delivering better Seattle pest control solutions, we know a lot about bed bugs. These bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. These insects don’t just cause skin irritations, they can also damage you psychologically, too. You won’t sleep well knowing that bed bugs might bite. You probably hear a lot about bed bugs, but not everything you hear is true. Here are 12 [...]

Can Seattle Pest Control Services Save You Money?

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Pest control in Seattle is a major issue. Even when residents take maximum precautions to preserve cleanliness, pests still tend to show up somehow. As time passes by more pests may begin to appear. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, whether it’s organizing or sanitizing, there will still be pests that continue to make their home in your Seattle home or business. And yes, your Seattle home or business can be infested [...]

Pest & Rodent Control for Seattle & Everett

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Rodents like rats and mice can get inside your home and become a serious issue. Rodents can contaminate your food supply, spread germs and disease inside your home, cause damage to your drywall or wiring, and they also tend to tear up insulation when building their nests. You may not realize you have an issue right away, and by the time you call Seattle & Everett rodent control professional the damage is already done. This [...]

Pests to Watch Out for This Winter in Seattle & Everett

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Winter is fast approaching, and with it will be bringing cooler temperatures. Most of us want to stay in our homes during these months and pests that live outside don't differ in that regard. Although many animals hibernate during winter time, many others look for shelter in our Seattle area homes. In preparation for the coming cold weather, you should not neglect pest defense. Not paying attention to pest control can lead to an influx [...]

Seattle Rodents

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Seattle is Suffering an Infestation of Rodents As developments in Seattle continue to boom, infestations of rodents have also increased. Specifically, rats. With the damp weather coupled with easy access to garbage, water, and a number of hiding places, Seattle has become the perfect environment for rats to live and breed. As a result, Seattle has been labeled one of the top “rattiest” cities in the entire country. The rodent population is so huge that [...]