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Do you have bed bugs? Seattle & Everett Pest Control

Thinking about trying to treat bed bug infestation on your own? Before you do, please take a moment to consider the information in this blog post including an CNN article about bed bug “bombs” for which we have provided the following link.

On a more personal note, I recently treated an apartment unit in Seattle where the residents had used bed bug “bombs” to try and rid them from their bed bug infestation. The resident followed the instructions on the canister and didn’t see any bugs for several days, but then bed bugs started coming from cracks, vents and other locations where the fog did not reach. The fog had simply driven them into hiding to wait until it was safe. In addition, the bed bugs spread to the surrounding units and created a much larger problem.

I wish I could say that I was able to treat all of the units successfully on the first try, but because the fog had driven bed bugs deep into harborages, the program took nearly twice as long as normal to eradicate the problem. This not only caused a huge disruption for the residents, but also increased the cost of treatment. While the resident was not held liable in this particular case, the apartment complex now includes a clause prohibiting the use of bed bug “bombs” and other over-the-counter pest products.

In short, foggers and other over-the-counter products are often ineffective and can sometimes cause bigger problems when used for bed bugs. So, while it may be tempting to save a few bucks and try the bed bug “bombs”, in the long run, it may save you a lot of money and hassle by contacting us at Eagle Pest Eliminators to take care of the problem for you. We guarantee our pest control treatments and your satisfaction!

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