Seattle Pest Control Services

Eagle Pest Eliminators continues to offer the best in Seattle pest control services and has for more than twenty years. The extermination and control of insects, rodents, and other pests like bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and spiders, can be greatly beneficial for your Seattle area home and/or commercial business building. These insects and rodents are the unwanted guests that invade living spaces in many Seattle area homes and commercial buildings and these pests will disturb you in many ways.

Some pests will destroy your belongings while others will prove harmful to your family and customers’ health. Some of the insects, rats, mice, and other rodents will be attracted to your food and living in a place that will make their presence less than peaceful. Whether your building is commercial or residential, these insects and rodents will not let you live with peace of mind.

So, you may want to consider the pest control services you need that are readily provided by the Seattle pest control professionals at Eagle Pest Eliminators. Let us share just a few of the important Seattle pest control services that we can provide to help secure your “peace of mind”.

What pest control services do we provide in Seattle?

The need for pest control services in Seattle can be much different than in other areas of Puget Sound. It may surprise you to learn that Seattle in recent years has been labeled as one of the most rat-infested cities in the U.S. Our city’s hyper-construction seems to disturb rodents and causes them to become more active. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common types of pest control services that EPE has provided in Seattle for over twenty years.

Commercial Pest Control

Although pests are not considered to be as harmful in commercial buildings because those buildings are cleaned regularly, pests can still cause many problems. Some insects like termites can cause damage to important documents while rodents can cause damage to expensive equipment.

If your Seattle commercial building is facing any pest problems, we can provide you with the absolute best pest control solutions at the most affordable costs.

Residential Pest Control

Seattle homes are the places where pests can be devastating. It is because the rooms where we eat our meals can attract different pests, rodents, and insects that will invade your kitchen and storage areas. Birds can also become a pest problem. Birds will nest in areas that can cause a real mess and even damage your home.

  • Although these things are only a little bit of the involvement of the pests in your home, harmful things like bedbugs and carpet beetles can cause serious skin problems for your family.
  • Not only this, the pests like spiders are not only nasty, but they are very frightening as well. So why not get rid of all of them at once by contacting EPE about our Seattle pest control services?
  • If you feel or see the presence of any of these pests, give us a call for a free pest inspection of your place in Seattle.

We are always ready to provide professional and experienced exterminators who will make sure that your place will be free of every kind of pest after providing you with our preferred Seattle pest control services. The same professional EPE services are proudly provided to many Seattle area schools.

Additionally, they will make sure that they will leave your place without causing any additional damage to your belongings.

Green Pest Control

Eagle Pest Eliminators is proud to offer state-of-the-art “green pest control” solutions. Most of the equipment and chemicals used in our pest control treatments are safe for humans. However, some people either have pets at their place or they may have some sort of medical reaction to traditional pest control services and require the use of our green pest control services.

So, if you think that you need pest control services that will only be effective on the pests without causing any type of harm to your family and pets, then the green pest control services are for you. Here every chemical we use will be harmless to any other living organism other than the pests they are meant to rid of.

The pests that we can help you with.

Most of the time people do not even know what is getting in their house or their building. Whereas the professionals at EPE know all about the pests common to Seattle. If you are wondering about the types of pests that we can provide our exterminator and pest control services for, here are some of those.

The following is a list of the most common bugs that we continue to provide pest control services for in the Seattle area.

  • Bed Bugs.
  • Carpet beetles.
  • Carpenter ants.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Fleas.
  • Springtails.
  • Subterranean termites.
  • Hobo Spiders.
  • Lady beetles.
  • Lady Bugs.
  • Silverfish.
  • Firebrat.
  • Odorous house ants.
  • Mosquitos.
  • Moisture ants.

All these insects can be found in different areas of your home and an EPE professional pest control technician is ready to remove all of them from your home or Seattle business.

Although there are a lot of members of the rodent family, most of them are known as mice or rodents. So here are the rodents for which you can get our professional exterminator and pest control services.

  • Moles
  • Mice
  • Rats and other rodents

The favorite place for these rodents in your house is the food storage areas of your kitchen. However, they will also nest in other areas such as near gutters. Our pest control technicians will know the exact spots to check and get rid of them.

Seattle Bird Control Services

Birds also look to make their nests in places that can harm your home. Some make their nest on the roof while others can look for areas around windows. So, if you are facing any problems related to birds, talk to us about our Seattle bird control services for getting rid of any kind of birds.

Why choose Eagle Pest Eliminators?

Here are some of the reasons EPE is your best choice for a Seattle pest control company.

Latest pest control services

We believe that the best thing for any company is to have a satisfied customer. For this reason, we provide the best pest control services in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area. To make sure that our pest control work is efficient, and the damage is less, we use the latest techniques and tools for our pest control work. We also provide custom pest control services and other customer benefits like free estimates.

We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction

We are committed to the quality of work that we are providing to our customers. That is why we have the best people working for us with years of experience in the professional pest control field.


Living with pests in your home or office is never a good feeling. So why not get rid of them right now? If you are looking to get pest control services in Seattle, make sure to check out the pest and rodent control services provided by Eagle Pest Eliminators.