Seattle is Suffering an Infestation of Rodents

As developments in Seattle continue to boom, infestations of rodents have also increased. Specifically, rats. With the damp weather coupled with easy access to garbage, water, and a number of hiding places, Seattle has become the perfect environment for rats to live and breed. As a result, Seattle has been labeled one of the top “rattiest” cities in the entire country. The rodent population is so huge that it has been compared to New York.

According to a study, one reason that has caused this surge in the number of rats is construction. When properties are knocked down for development, the old rat habitat also goes with it. This makes homes and other buildings surrounding the area very susceptible to rodent migration. On top of that, the weather conditions in Seattle make it irresistible to rats. It’s no surprise then that the American Housing Survey reported that homeowners in Seattle are twice as likely to report rat sightings than the national average.

There are two common types of rats in Seattle and the rats that infest Seattle are typically one of two breeds:
• Norway rat. Norway rats, also known as “wharf rats” or “dump rats”, are the larger of the two. They tend to enter the house through the roof and attics. They are known to be “pack rats” which refers to their ability to store food in their crawlspaces.
• Roof rat. Roof rats are usually associated with squirrels gaining them the name “tree rats”. They tend to climb and have aerial abilities. Unlike Norway rats, they tend to forage for food outside of the home.

Seattle’s rodent infestation is such a big concern that the city is ranked 11 out of 50 cities with the highest number of rodent treatments. With infestation on this scale, how can the people of Seattle keep rats away? Below are some ways we recommend:

Cover the garbage
One thing rats are known to love is food. We mean any type of food, including your garbage. With an open can, you’re not only giving them appetizing smell but an entire feast of goodies. To overcome this, make sure to buy trash cans with lids and keep them closed at all times.

Close your doors and seal up holes
Rats are sneaky and can get into anything and anywhere. An open door makes your home very vulnerable for these unwanted visitors to barge in. Also, a full-grown rat can squeeze in through a hole a size of the quarter. So seal up any potential entry points.

Call professional exterminators
The best thing you can do to ensure your Seattle home or business with complete protection from rats and other rodents is to hire a Seattle rodent control company Aka pest control company like Eagle Pest Eliminators. We are a Seattle authority offering the very best in rodent and pest control solutions. As a leading Seattle exterminator and pest control provider, we are also an Seattle authority and can provide state of the art “green pest control” options and methods.

Simply, Eagle Pest Eliminators wants to invite you to experience the very best! We are ready and equipped to carry out professional inspections, recommendations, and the best in pest control solutions to rid you of any rodents and/or any other pest found invading your Seattle home or business. Call us anytime and we will be happy to schedule an on-site consultation, today.

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