At Eagle Pest Eliminators (EPE), like everyone else in Seattle, Everett, and the Puget Sound area, we have been profoundly affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. We have taken the precautions and recommendations of health officials seriously and have gone out of our way to minimize unnecessary contact and to keep our distance.

Unfortunately, pests including, rodents, insects, bats, and bed bugs do not practice social distancing. So many things have changed in these unprecedented times and we are also aware of some of the unpleasant things that haven’t changed, as in the invasion of unwanted pests.

Just as we have all adapted and innovated throughout 2020, we at Eagle Pest Eliminators have been enhancing the way we work so that you won’t have any hesitancy to contact us when you really need pest control. We’re ready to offer you social distancing pest control in Seattle and Everett.

Our Safety Measures Are in Place

When you need the professional service of an exterminator, you want to feel secure. As a leader in Seattle pest control for more than 20 years, we have always placed the safety of our clients first. In a sense, the proper sanitation protocols, our environmentally safe Green Pest Control techniques, and the careful safety procedures we have always followed have caused the additional precautions we’re taking now to be a sort of second nature. Here are some of the safety measures we’re taking now to help you be comfortable about our getting rid of your pests:

  • Sanitation: When we come to your home or place of business to evaluate your pest control needs or to administer any type of treatment, all our gear will have been sanitized thoroughly. This includes our use of protective gear based upon what your circumstances require: gloves, face mask or shields, protective coveralls, and foot coverings.
  • Social distancing: Don’t take it personally, but when we come to your house we’ll be keeping our distance—a good six feet from you at all times.
  • No-contact transactions: Just as merchants in our area have moved away from cash transactions to digital payment, so we avoid putting you in a position where you need to hold, sign, or touch anything.
  • Awareness of our bio-footprint: As we depart after taking care of those annoying pests, we take special care to make sure that we don’t disturb anything or leave any tangible sign that we were there—apart from the absence of the pests we came to eliminate.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is enough to be concerned about without having to deal with pests. At Eagle Pest Eliminators, Seattle, and Everett’s pest control company, handling pest problems is second nature to us. We anticipate that the big issue of the pandemic will eventually, hopefully, one day, depart and allow us to ease up on the additional protective measures we have begun to employ. That day can’t get here soon enough.

Even after the pandemic and face masks and social distancing come to an end, the possibility of pest incursions will remain. For that reason, this family-owned Seattle pest control firm will be here too, ready to eliminate any pest that might be bugging you.